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Self-taught above Grade 3


Video based lessons


Textbooks to buy - free on-site PDFS 


Writing assignments for verbal mastery 

Every course in my curriculum comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

Top 10 reasons to start your children (or grandchildren) on our curriculum today...

  1. Students learn at their own pace
  2. Most people need verbal guidance to learn
  3. A video boils down to fundamentals and can be replayed to strengthen understanding
  4. Videos explain & reinforce reading assignments
  5. A good lecture livens up learning
  6. It is more personal than reading
  7. A good lecture is highly motivational
  8. Images and outlines help us to remember
  9. Better focus with headphones and on-screen image helps students focus
  10. Our students are better prepared for college

Are you struggling with any of these?

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Knowing which materials to use

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Not feeling confident with preparation

Common Pitfalls Facing Parents Who Homeschool

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Trouble deciding which lessons to focus on

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Lack of student motivation

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Being asked if you understand what you’re teaching

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Remaining one step ahead of the students

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No time to focus on student outings

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Trying to be too many different things

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Separating parenting from teaching

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Feeling like preschoolers are behind

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Having a reputation as the grumpy teacher

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Emotional exhaustion

Your Time is Valuable

Don't stick with a textbooks-based curriculum just because you paid for the textbooks. That money is gone. (Sorry about that.) Don't waste the teaching time that those textbooks require from you. There is a better way . . . for you and your children.

Let me show you why it's silly to stick for even one extra day with a parent-dependent curriculum.

Let's say that you put $1 in a parking meter to buy an hour. But you finish your shopping in 15 minutes. Would you sit in your parked car for 45 minutes, just because you have 75 cents' worth of time left on the meter? No? Then why stick with a labor-intensive (your labor) curriculum?

100% Money Back Guarantee

This course is the "test drive." You get a money-back guarantee that is longer than your child needs to obtain a permanent academic advantage. If you and your child are still unconvinced after the course is over, you can get 100% of your money back.

I take 100% of the risk.

Could this course give you a permanent edge? Yes. But you don't have to take all of it. Just take Lesson #1 and Lesson #8. To see what this course offers, click here. Look at the lesson titles. You will see why your child needs this course, even if you decide to stick with a textbooks-based curriculum. (But you won't.)

If at any time, a student or a paying parent thinks that this site's program is not worth the money, he can cancel and get a full refund. This is good for 60 days: 35 lessons per course. This time limit is as much as the credit card merchant accounts allow.

I want everyone who signs up for this curriculum to be happy. I am confident that most students will see the value of it. But no one can please everyone, as I discovered in Congress. So, I want everyone to know that I bear 100% of the financial risk.

This offer also applies to each of the courses, for which there is a fee. They also come with a 100% money-back guarantee. The same time limit also applies

4 Reasons this Program Isn’t For Your Child

1. You want a school. This is a curriculum, not a school. There are no grades.

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2. The courses' creators are not available for personal instruction.

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3. You want accreditation. The curriculum is not accredited by any state, nor will it ever be.

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4. You must nag your child to do homework. This curriculum is self-taught.

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Age-Grading is a Bad Idea

Why Our Program is More Beneficial for Young Minds

What grade is your child in? It doesn't matter. Age-grading is a bad idea.

Your child should take a course that is appropriate for his or her innate skills, interest, and emotional maturity. The #1 criterion for any course is this: you don't have to nag. Your child is self-motivated. If you have to nag, nag, nag, the course is not right. (Maybe this curriculum is not right . . . yet.)

The most important factor is continuity: not age/grade continuity, but self-discipline/skills continuity. Even content is secondary. We forget most of the facts that we learn in any course unless we specialize in something related to it, which is rarely the case. What we do not lose -- or had better not lose -- are the skills associated with learning. This is why a self-taught curriculum is the best curriculum.

Give the Program a Test Drive

You can also "test drive" the first five lessons of each course for free. See for yourself the high quality of the instruction. But if the curriculum is still not what you want, just cancel the service. You can't get a better deal than this. I take the risk out of it.

If you aren't ready for your children to test my curriculum today, even on my no-risk basis, you should at least sign up for the free Homeschooling Tip of the Week. It will help you with your teaching. (If you use a textbooks-based curriculum, you need all the help you can get.) Use the subscription form on the upper right-hand side of this page.

What Our Parents are Saying

"I originally found RPC by searching "inexpensive homeschool curriculum that requires minimal parent guidance" and RPC came up as one of the ads- so glad I clicked on it! As a homeschooling parent of ten years I can tell you I've tried countless curricula for my 3 children, and every one has required so much of my time that I would be overwhelmed and have little time left for other obligations -- let alone free time! I have reduced my requirement from several hours per DAY to just a few hours per week, not to mention the content is excellent and engaging, and BONUS-common core free!! Thank you, RPC!"

- Sandra Ireland,  Peshtigo, WI

"We have been homeschooling our 4 children for 10 years, and we previously used both online charter school classes and other homeschool curriculum, requiring minimum 20-30 teaching hours per week. Since 2013, we have been using the Ron Paul Curriculum, and our total instructional time is now approximately 2 hours per week. Moreover, we have watched our children become excellent thinkers and writers due to the weekly writing assignments. The time saved by the Ron Paul Curriculum allows me to spend more time volunteering in our community and serving my family."

- Shanna Tvenstrup,  Tampa, Florida

"We began using the Ron Paul Curriculum in 2016 for our 6th and 8th graders. Prior to using RPC, I spent from 15-20 hours a week preparing, teaching and reviewing assignments. Now I spend about an hour a week checking on their progress. They love the feeling of personal responsibility gained from working independently. My now 9th-grade daughter especially enjoys the Public Speaking course, which is unique among homeschool curricula. I love that I have more time to work on my home business and take care of family matters more efficiently. It's a great value and a win for everyone!"

- Sheri Quinn, Louisville, KY

"I have been homeschooling for 12 years now. We started the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum in 2016. A late start for my 12th grader who immediately took to the Business studies. She is more focused and determined than I could have imagined. She is committed to creating her future, her way. Please do not think your child is too old, or it is too late for them to begin with this curriculum. As for my 5th grader, the independence she has gained is invaluable and it shows in her confidence every day. I love to see how proud she is of herself! As for me, wow! Our school day before RPC was a good 7-8 hours with my teaching/ involvement the entire time. Now the girls are only doing approximately 4 hours a day on their own (and that is with breaks included) and I can be involved as much or as little as I want. With my spare time, I am thinking about writing a children's book and even patenting an invention idea that has been rolling around in my head for some time! The Ron Paul Curriculum is a blessing in the Hulbert household! Thank you so much."

- Shawn Hulbert, Browns Summit, NC

"I switched my boys, in 4th and 6th grade, to the RPC in July 2016. Before RPC, each boy required an hour of setup and an additional hour grading daily assignments. With RPC, I spend a few minutes reviewing their daily summaries and an hour a week discussing their weekly essays. We are beginning the third quarter and they are excited to begin school every day, particularly Daniel Dignan's science classes. Their summary and writing skills have drastically improved and they love posting their work on their blogs. I highly recommend this curriculum."

- Christina Stephens, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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